So You Want To Tread The Boards by Jennifer Reischel

How to Find an Agent

The ultimate crux to actually getting seen for professional auditions (excluding extras work) is usually the acquisition of an actor’s agent. Without one, it is sometimes possible to gain professional acting work and have a career however, this is the rare minority.

Especially high profile auditions (Television series, film parts, West End and touring musicals, etc.) cast through Spotlight (see the links section) and therefore – agents.

Apart from open calls and the occasional notice in PCR (see the links section), you will be hard pressed to come near any really useful auditions without an agent. In my experience, 99% of all professional actors you will run into that are working in a decent professional capacity and earning – will have agent representation.

What is your agent for?

  1. To get you SEEN for professional acting work. Not to actually get you the job (that’s your part of the deal) – this is a common misconception.

  2. To handle and negotiate contracts and any business and financial matters in your name related to the performing arts.

  3. To act as a source of advice for choice of photo, structure of CV, putting together a show reel, demo CD, etc.

IMPORTANT!! Never pay anyone upfront claiming they can get you work! An agent takes commission on your earnings (usually 10-15% depending on the type of work).

Please see the Equity website (see links section) for more detail.

A good agent will end up an invaluable asset to any professional actor.

For more information including tips on how to find a suitable and respected agent, working with an agent and pitfalls to be aware of, please read 'So you want to tread the boards'



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“…there is certainly enough solid and useful material here to merit the book becoming an essential read for beginners for many years to come.” - The Stage

“Jennifer has penned a "must read" for anyone wanting act professionally, and a "must buy" for anyone seeking a gift for the stage-struck this season.”
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