So You Want To Tread The Boards by Jennifer Reischel

Drama School Survival Guide

  • So you have managed to gain a training place, joining a small group of few successful hopefuls, picked from approximately 2000-2500 applicants per accredited drama school per year. What next?

    A few pointers…

    Don’t waste time. Get stuck in from day one. By all means enjoy social time with course mates at the pub but don’t forget the purpose of the course. Time will fly by and all of a sudden the marketing department will demand photos from you for the showcase. Always think one step ahead…

    If you feel uncomfortable about anything (singing teacher, etc) – speak up. You are paying to be there (even if you have received funding), so it is your right to get the best possible training suited to your particular needs.

    Make sure you have a decent place to live BEFORE the course starts. Start trailing through adverts from current students (either online or at your school) in early summer if your course starts in September.

    For more information on all the above pointers including

  • - what to bring
    - how to deal with the transition between drama school
    - living costs/budgeting
    - working part time at drama school and graduation
    - starting life as a professional actor
    and much more, please refer to 'So you want to tread the boards'





So You Want To Tread The Boards

Table of Contents
Foreword by Leslie Bricusse

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Review Corner

“…there is certainly enough solid and useful material here to merit the book becoming an essential read for beginners for many years to come.' - The Stage

“Jennifer has penned a "must read" for anyone wanting act professionally, and a "must buy" for anyone seeking a gift for the stage-struck this season.'
- www.theatremonkey.com